Jaylene Mendoza AS JANICE

The Dancer

Jackie young AS CARLA

The LosAnjealous

Jarvis young as MARCUS

The Playa


The Head of Network

andrae alexander as levi


Erika alexander AS LINDA

The Drinker

Tiffany Haddish as Felicity

The Opportunist

Scotch ellis Loring as DalE

The Brain

Kim Coles as Dusty

The Face

"She Liked the show better when Y'All was Black"

gustavo rex as news reporter

The Reporter

Andrae alexander as TRAVIS

The Band

Jayme Lake AS PATSY

The Singer

Willie Macc as Leon

The Hater


ben patrick Johnson as Peter

The Voice

Teddy sears as Andrew

The Dreamer

Hillard Guess as Wesson

The Triflin'

Lanett Tachel AS SHE'NITA

The Hussy

Dante Spencer as QARRL

The Jail Bird

nate Jackson as Leon


Aysha Brown AS Valerie

The Unseen

Lawrence Dillard AS KYI

The Yes-Man

Daniel Joseph Baker AS MARCEL

The Makeup Artist